How to download and install Whatsapp in Blackberry Z10?

Install Whatsapp for Blackberry Z10 is very simple, the next tutorial teach you how to install Whatsapp in Blackberry z10.
Firstly, you must have a device with Blackberry 10 OS and a computer with Windows or MAC.  Secondly, you must download a JRE software 32 or 64 bits (From and DDSP service. In the Mac case, you must download the PlayBook tools.

Download WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10

Download WhatsApp for Blackberry Z10

How to download Whatsapp application on Blackberry Z10?

After, you can connect the device in your PC with the USB port. You must search these options: System configuration, secure and privacy, and you able the developer mode.

You find an ip number, write a note with it. You configure de DDPB and you must write the number, and add a password. Pick in the “add” button and you must add a .bar archives (Download this .bar archives with the Whatsapp’s files from below link)

You can install Whatspp for BB Z10. We recommend learn these steps to install the application in the Blackberry 10 OS.  Whit this method you can install many applications from android .bar in your Blackberry 10 OS.

We are sure that this tutorial: Download and install Whatsapp in Blackberry Z10, will help with other applications; hopefully helped you a lot and I hope in the other posts.

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